Education Changes Lives

Two Four Six World Premier
Monday, June 19th at the Los Angeles Film Festival
ArcLight Cinemas in Culver City

The documentary follows former Haitian basketball player and mentor Pierre Valmera, 35, as he travels between the U.S. and Haiti, training his mentees and recruiting new ones. Through the film, viewers are introduced to Schnider Herard, a young man struggling to cope beneath the pressures of his own talents, and Pierry Joseph, two of the selected students brought to the US by PowerForward, Valmera’s non-profit organization.

Directorial debut of filmmaker Leyla Nedorosleva

POWERforward is dedicated to inspiring underprivileged children to achieve excellence in education and athletics.

Education Changes Lives

Basketball Provides Opportunites

Why Haiti?

Like the 38 Haitian students he has brought to the U.S.,

founder and CEO Pierre Valmera

shares a common journey of hope, perseverance, and triumph.

Our Work

The future of POWERforward is bright.
However, hope alone cannot sustain the mission of POWERforward.

POWERforward can only continue our work with the generosity of donors.

4 POWERforward camps per year

1 POWERforward student in the U.S. for 4 years

8 POWERforward students in the U.S. per year

Get Involved

Each POWERforward student is placed with
a host family.

POWERforward selects host families who are able to support each student’s understanding, adjustment, and functioning in a new culture; and families who are able to foster an atmosphere of belonging and inclusiveness to enable each student to grow and succeed

POWERforward students

Skal Labissere

Sacramento Kings

D’Jery Baptiste

School: Vanderbilt

Schnider Herard

School: Mississippi State

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