Our Game Plan

POWERforward is dedicated to inspiring underprivileged individuals to achieve excellence in education and athletics. Our objectives are to provide the resources and support to empower students and stimulate communities both locally and globally.



  • Haitian Basketball Camps: Hosting basketball camps in Haiti is the foundation of the POWERforward program. Basketball camps share the game of basketball to the students of Haiti. Camps allow POWERforward coaches and advisors to work with the students, identify potential students for educational opportunities, and interact one-on-one with students to teach the love of the game, respect, and teamwork. The positive atmosphere of the camp encourages hope. Each camper receives a hot meal at the end of the camp, and a pair of basketball shoes.
  • US Basketball Camps: POWERforward partners with colleges, universities, and local AAU leagues to bring Haitian coaches and students to the US to participate in summer basketball camps. The camps provide Haitian coaches an important opportunity to learn more about the art of coaching, and mentoring student-athletes.
  • Haitian Educational Programs: POWERforward partners with schools in Port-au-Prince and Montrious to support educational programs for Haitian students in Haiti. POWERforward supports the schools infrastructure, build and expand educational programs and the use of technology, and sponsors students to attend school.
  • US Educational Programs: POWERforward works with students and their families to bring students to the US on student visas. The POWERforward program is built on the understanding that Education Changes Lives and Basketball Provides Opportunity. POWERforward brings students to the US to study, to live, and to thrive. We believe that if we change the life of one student, we are changing the life of an entire family.
  • Haitian Meal Programs: POWERforward partners with local meal programs to offer meals to students in Haiti during the school week. In addition, we support a village orphanage.
  • US Service Programs: POWERforward encourages all Haitian students that are studying in the US to participate in community service in their community. Working with our host families, we encourage the students to get involved in their school, their community, and their church to learn the value of making a difference in other’s lives and making an impact to those around us.


POWERforward subscribes to the mantra that we are all interconnected and live in a global community. Our programs connect communities within Haiti, to the US, and worldwide.


POWERforward strives to develop long-term and life-long relationships through sponsorships of our students: whether those students are in Haiti or in the US. POWERforward promotes legacy programs and sustains the rapport between sponsors and mentors, and the students, based on an atmosphere of respect, reciprocity, and through fostering a pay-it-forward ethos. We seek partners who are interested in making a life-long impact.

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