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POWERforward was inspired by the giving and generous spirit of Coach Kent Thomas of Hannibal-LaGrange University who successfully mentored student/athlete Robert Joseph of Haiti. Robert transferred from Hannibal-Lagrange to Union University, where he was second team All-American in 2000 and first team All-American in 2001.

Haitian talent Pierre “Titanic” Valmera became the next enrolled student attending Union University. Pierre would go on to expand POWERforward into a global non-profit organization. Grateful for the education and the many opportunities he received in the United States, Pierre decided that the best way for him to give back was to help other young athletes and promising students in the same way.

POWERforward was developed on the Haitian proverb that one must show gratitude to God or some who did him good. Pierre shows his gratitude to God and his country by paying the deed forward.

Sonje lapli ki leve mayi ou

Remember the rain that made your corn grow


Since 1997 the program has added another 12 graduates and success stories to its roster of academic and athletic champions. As the program continues to evolve and grow, the focus has expanded to generating successes stories both locally and abroad. POWERforward is intent on promoting individuals to succeed and stimulate communities to participate in the process.


The vision of the members of POWERforward is to craft sustainable and fruitful initiatives and to encourage the development of a movement where education and athletics unite communities and countries.

The vision of POWERforward is being expanded to include girls and open door for opportunity to all students with hope for better education.

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